andrew bolton artist

Glimmer - an ongoing project

Because of a neurological disorder, I have often experienced blackouts, whiteouts and a sense of being absent, or moving to another place.

Glimmer is an attempt to express this. It also explores the widely reported phenomenon of a sense of ‘connection with the universe’ at the onset of a neurological episode.

'all of a sudden, something seemed to open before him: a strange inner light flooded his soul'. 'The Idiot', Dostoevsky


asc sml le


Ascension 1 (wall paper) and  Ascension 2 - Chakras (coffee table)


Linear Expansion (video projection with sound)


In this version of the installation, there is a life-sized outline figure in a box of earth on the floor. The figure is illuminated from underneath and reflected on the ceiling.


To see and hear Linear Expansion, please click here  




connect 3 post trip

Older work on this theme

Vivisector (above) click for more info


Sky Man (left) click for more info