andrew bolton artist

24 palms

"Vitruvius the architect says in his work on architecture that the measurements of the human body are distributed by nature as follows: -

that 4 fingers make 1 palm, and 4 palms make 1 foot, 6 palms makes 1 cubit; 4 cubits makes 1 pace and 24 palms makes a man;

and these measures he uses in his buildings.... if you open your legs enough that your head is lowered by one-fourteenth of your height and raise your hands enough that your extended fingers touch the line of the top of your head, know that the centre of the extended limbs will be the navel, and the space between the legs will be an equilateral triangle"


In a shop window in Newport, Andrew Bolton applied this information to create a drawing based on the proportions of his own body.


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“the lights which may illuminate opaque bodies are of 4 kinds. These are: diffused light as that of the atmosphere.. and direct, as that of the sun.. the third is Reflected light; and there is a 4th which is that which passes through bodies, as linen or paper or the like.” (Leonardo Da Vinci). It is that fourth light that brings the shadow pictures in these photos into existence.

24 small poster sml hand window hand screen sml window face